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Paladin FAQ


This is a reconstruction of a FAQ created by the very knowledgable Cathela. This FAQ is being updated to include new content. The original FAQ can be found here.

(Help me out and your name gets added to the list.)

Many thanks to:
Bodhisattva, Alastaironsiren, aicoped, GAJackets, Dilbrt, Poldaran, Tynuv, Hartzos, Xorq, essenceofstealth, Dalerend, KTurner, Maulgak, FenrirSullis, toolofjesus,theMadTitan

Use your browser's "Find" window (ctrl+F for most) and type in the section number to quickly navigate the FAQ

Table O' Contents

Page 1: Introduction

1.1 About Paladins
1.1.1 So what are paladins good for?
1.1.2 Are paladins fun to play?
1.1.3 Should I roll a warrior or a paladin?
1.1.4 Okay, I'm going to make a Paladin. What race should I make?
1.1.5 What are good professions for a Paladin?
1.1.6 What about secondary skills? Are those worth bothering with?
1.1.7 What do paladins end up doing in the endgame raid instances?

1.2 Spells
1.2.1 What are auras? When are they useful?
1.2.2 What are blessings? When are they useful?
1.2.3 What are seals? When are they useful?
1.2.4 What are other key spells?

Page 2: Playing your Paladin

2.1 Group PvE Play
2.1.1 How do Paladins tank in groups?
2.1.2 How do Paladins heal in groups?
2.1.3 I dont want to heal or tank, what should I do in a group?

2.2 Solo PvE Play
2.2.1 What is the best way to level up a Paladin?
2.2.2 What talents should a Paladin be getting as he levels?
2.2.3 What is the best place for a Paladin to grind? (And where are the Undead/Demons?)

2.3 PvP Play
2.3.1 How do I fight against class X?
2.3.2 What should a Paladin be doing in Battlegrounds?
2.3.3 What should a Paladin be doing in Arena?

2.4 Gear
2.4.1 What kind of gear can a Paladin equip?
2.4.2 What kind of gear does an end-game Tanking Paladin look for?
2.4.3 What kind of gear does an end-game Healing Paladin look for?
2.4.4 What kind of gear does an end-game DPSing Paladin look for?
2.4.5 Is there any difference between maces, swords, and axes?
2.4.6 So do Paladins get any kind of ranged attack?

2.5 Talents
2.5.1 What does an end-game healing spec look like?
2.5.2 What does an end-game tanking spec look like?
2.5.3 What does an end-game damage-dealing spec look like?
2.5.4 Are hybrid specs a good idea for a Paladin?

Page 3: Paladin Only Quests/Gear

3.1 Alliance Quests
3.1.1 How do you do the lvl 12 quest?
3.1.2 How do you do the lvl 20 quest?
3.1.3 How do you do the lvl 21 quest?
3.1.4 How do you do the lvl 50 quest?
3.1.5 How do you do the lvl 60 quest?

3.2 Horde Quests
3.2.1 How do you do the lvl 12 quest?
3.2.2 How do you do the lvl 20 quest?
3.2.3 How do you do the lvl 21 quest?
3.2.4 How do you do the lvl 50 quest?
3.2.5 How do you do the lvl 60 quest?

3.3 Tier Sets
3.3.1 What are the tier 0-3 sets?
3.3.2 What is the dungeon set 3 (tier 3.5) set and where does it drop?
3.3.3 What is the tier 4 set and where does it drop?
3.3.4 What is the tier 5 set and where does it drop?
3.3.5 What is the tier 6 set and where does it drop?

3.4 Other notable sets.
3.4.1 What is the Purple Judgement set I've heard about?

Page 4: Miscellaneous

4.1 Formulas/Theorycraft
4.1.1 What are the spell coefficients for Paladin spells?
4.1.2 How much of X stat will provide Y bonus to Z other stat?
4.1.3 What is the Paladin proc per minute system?
4.1.4 Why don't anti-undead spells like Exorcism work against undead PC's?

4.2 Useful Paladin Mods

4.3 Links

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Page 1: Introduction

1.1 About Paladins

1.1.1 So what are paladins good for?

The role of the Paladin is certainly one that has changed over time. Once considered to be only good for the sidelines and support, they are now being chosen over classes that have always been thought of to be the be-all end-all of that area.

A tanking Paladin can sometimes be more desirable than a warrior or druid pre-raid. The abilities and mechanics of a Paladin tank are extremely well suited for tanking multiple mobs more effectively than a warrior.

Healing Paladins are the best single-target healer in the game. Their mana efficiency is much better than any other class, allowing for constant healing over long periods of time. These types of Paladins are wanted for raiding and arena fighting.

A Paladin, unfortunately is not known very well for doing damage. Many who roll a Paladin will disagree with me at the beginning, as a Paladin pre-50 can and will do damage to rival that of other DPS classes. However, damage plateaus around 50 with very little boost at end-game.

1.1.2 Are paladins fun to play?

It depends on what's fun for you. A Paladin is and always will be a hybrid class. That means that you have the capability to play different roles depending on talents and gear. With the right talents and gear you can heal with the rest of the healers, or you can take a hit on the frontlines. A Paladin is the most survivable class in the game. To a certain extent you can throw out damage if you want to.

If you want to do a ton of damage, or press a lot of buttons though while you play, this won't be the class for you. Damage teters off at about 50, and most fights require only a couple button presses as autoattack is a Paladin's home.

1.1.3 Should I roll a warrior or a paladin?

The counter-question to this is... what do you want to do?

If you want to tank and only tank, a warrior is probably for you. You can get good gear and talents to take hits from the strongest, most bad-ass enemies in the game. More raiding guilds will prefer a Warrior tank, although a Paladin tank is not unheard of in end-game raids.

If you want to swing around a big-two handed weapon and do a lot of damage while still being able to take a hit, then Warrior is still probably for you. Warrior damage far outpaces Paladin damage.

However, if you want to do it all then a Paladin is for you. If you want to live forever with 5 or 6 mobs pounding at you, then a Paladin is for you. If you want to ensure that a tank can stay alive while being able to take a beating yourself, then a Paladin is for you. If you want to be the center of attention in a party, able to help out every class in a way that other classes can't.... then a Paladin is definately for you.

A Paladin, in the same instance, with different gear on him, can easily switch out between a Main/Off healing role, a Main/Off tanking roll, and/or a DPS role (though not as effectively as the other two). If this appeals to you, then roll a Paladin and have fun saving lives.

1.1.4 Okay, I'm going to make a Paladin. What race should I make?

There are 4 different races currently in the game that can be a Paladin. They all have unique abilities which can be useful in certain situations.

-They can see stealthed enemies for a short period of time with an ability, get a 10% bonus to spirit, 10% more faction gain, and a +5 sword/mace skill. None of these are really great for a Paladin, although the faction gain will help out a lot endgame.

-Can instantly become immune to Bleed, Poison and Disease effects while increasing their armor by 10% for 8 seconds. Get more to their gun skill(useless) 10 Frost Resistance and can find treasure chests on the mini-map. Stoneform can be very useful if you need to get a nasty bleed effect off you, also the 10% armor can give you a little bit more DR. The treasure finding is nice too.

-Get a moderate Healing over Time spell, increases chance to hit with melee attacks by 1% for your entire party, gives 10 Shadow Resistance and increases your Jewelcrafting skill by 5. The Draenei's HoT spell can definately come in handy for a healing Paladin, and the 1% chance to hit for the party is another nice thing to consider.

Blood Elves
-Mana Tap is an ability that lets you steal mana from an enemy and buff yourself for 10 minutes, this stacks up to 3 times (which do nothing by themselves). At any point in time, you can use Arcane Torrent to use those stacks and gain mana for yourself. Also, get an enchanting bonus of 10 and a resistance to all magic by 5. An interesting thing to note is that mana tap has a 30 yard range, and will be the only ranged attack you can do until Holy Shock if you are speccing in the holy tree or Avenger's Shield in the Protection tree. Very useful for pulling mobs that have mana.
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1.1.5 What are good professions for a Paladin?

There are a lot of options; which one is best depends on what you want.

If you're looking for something that will make you stronger in combat, especially PvP, Engineering is probably the best choice, since it gives you a nice assortment of bombs and other nifty gizmos you can use in fights. Most of the craftable items in Engineering can only be used by other engineers, so there's not a large sales market.

Blacksmithing lets you make your own weapons and armor. This can be quite a help at the lower levels, since the craftable items are often better than the drops you get at those levels, although as you level up the drops become better and better. At very high levels, Blacksmiths can create powerful weapons and armor that only they can use, which makes it particularly suitable for a plate-wearing melee class.

Leatherworking and Tailoring are essentially like Blacksmithing, except that you'll be making leather and cloth gear that you generally won't be using yourself, except for bags.

Enchanting is difficult to make money with until you get to the very high levels, but it has advantages in that it doesn't require you to get a separate gathering skill, and you can use it to disenchant the otherwise useless Bind-on-Pickup items that drop off of instance bosses.

Jewelcrafting lets you craft various rings, necklaces and trinkets, and at higher levels it lets you create the gems that are used to customize armor and weapons.

Alchemy is very nice, both for personal use and for making money, since everyone can use potions.

In the Burning Crusade expansion, all of the crafting professions include Bind-on-Pickup items that can only be used by the crafter. It's worthwhile to look through the crafting lists to see what items will be available to you for each profession.

If all you want out of professions is money, your best bet is to pick up two gathering skills, probably Skinning and Mining, and sell the materials you gather at the Auction House.

1.1.6 What about secondary skills? Are those worth bothering with?

First Aid might seem unnecessary for a healing class, but it can come in quite handy for situations where you don't want to spend mana to heal. If you're grinding monsters solo, you might prefer to spend your mana on Consecration, Holy Shield, Exorcism, etc, so you can kill faster and then use bandages to patch yourself up. There are situations in PvP and some of the PvE raid boss fights where it can be useful to be able to heal yourself without spending mana. Finally, when you have excessive amounts of cloth sitting around, you can make bandages and sell them to a vendor for a decent price.

Cooking and Fishing are matters of personal preference. You can make useful foods with them for stat boosts, but you can also get friends to make these things for you, so whether you want to level them up yourself is your call.

1.1.7 What do paladins end up doing in the endgame raid instances?

About 99.99999% of Paladins will end up healing in the endgame raid instances. Most guilds would much rather have a Paladin healing than doing damage or tanking. Their damage dealing ability is really not good enough to take up a slot that could be used on a real dps class. In terms of tanking, a Paladin can tank end-game raid instances given very good gear. However, a Warrior is generally more sought after.

1.2 Spells

1.2.1 What are Auras? When are they useful?

A Paladin can have up to 8 auras by the time they hit level 70. Only one can be active at a time, and as long as nothing removes them, they will last forever. These auras are buffs that apply to both you and your party forever and for free. Here's a quick rundown:

Devotion Aura
-Increases armor by X amount. (Can be increased by talents).
-Useful to reduce the amount of damage taken by you and your party.

Retribution Aura
-Deals X amount of damage to attackers that strike a party member.
(Can be increased by talents)
-Useful for tanks (especially Paladins) and for AOE grinding.

Concentration Aura
-Reduces the chance of getting interrupted while casting spells by 35%.
(Can be increased by talents as well as reduce the duration of silence
and interrupt effects while it is active)
-This is a great aura, which when combined with other talents can make
your heals uninterruptable by damage.

Resistance Auras
-Increases either Fire,Ice,or Shadow (depending which one you have up)
reisitance by X.
-Pretty self-explanatory, put one of these up when you know you will be
taking damage from that element.

Crusader Aura
-Increases mounted speed by 20%, does not stack with other increased speed
-This aura can make you the fastest person in the game on a mount.
Unfortunately, you have to wait until lvl 62 to get it.

Sanctity Aura (requires 21 points in Retribution)
-Increases Holy Damage done by 10%. (Improved gives 2% damage increase to
everyone effected by Sanctity Aura, requires 2 points).
-This aura can increase your damage output significantly, and an extra 2%
damage for party members is always nice.

1.2.2 What are Blessings/Greater Blessings? When are they useful?

A blessing is a Paladins primary buffing ability. They have several of these which can benefit every class in every situation. However, only one blessing per Paladin can be active on a player at any given time.

Blessing of Might(BoM)
-Increases the target's attack power by X for 10 minutes.
-This is useful if you need to deal more damage than usual, but not too good
for grinding. In a party, DPS classes will love this as it will let them do
more damage.

Blessing of Wisdom(BoW)
-Increases the target's mana regeneration by X for 10 minutes.
-This is the best blessing for grinding. You need mana to do everything, so
more mana regen=longer fighting. Also great for any mana-user who is having
trouble keeping topped off.

Blessing of Kings(BoK) (requires at least 11 points in Protection)
-Increases all of the target's stats by 10% for 10 minutes.
-This is the best secondary blessing for most situations. While other
blessings can be better for different classes, this will put more points
in the stats they want, assuming they made intelligent gear choices. This
is arguably better for tanks who have a lot of stamina than Blessing of

Blessing of Light(BoL)
-Increases the healing from Flash of Light by X and Holy Light by Y on the
target for 10 minutes.
-This is very useful if you find yourself healing in an instance. It can
definately give your healing the boost it needs to keep your tank topped

Blessing of Sanctuary(BoSanc) (requires at least 21 points in Protection)
-Decreases damage done to target by X and reflects Y amount of Holy damage
on a successful block for 10 minutes.
-This is a great blessing for tanks. It reduces the damage they take while
providing more threat to mobs that are hitting them (especially for
Paladins).A thing to note though is that the damage reduction is applied
before armor, so you will never see X be the amount of damage completely
reduced, unless you are at 0 armor.

Blessing of Salvation(BoSalv)
-Reduces the amount of threat generated by the target by 30% for 10 minutes.
-Most DPS classes don't realize that this is one of the best blessings you
can give them. Almost all DPS players need to hold back the amount of
damage they could be doing, because it will pull the mob off the tank.
This blessing will allow them to not have to hold back as much.

Blessing of Freedom(BoF)
-Allows the target to move freely, making them immune to movement-reducing
effects for X seconds. (Increased by talents)
-This really shines in PvP combat. This can help against classes that excel
at kiting. A Paladin has almost no way of bridging the gap between an
enemy player. Players who do not want you to get close will try to slow
you down. This spell instantly breaks those slowing effects and keep you
immune to them for a while.

Blessing of Sacrifice(BoSac)
-Transfers X amount of damage from the target to the caster for Y seconds.
-This will help out a player who is taking hits. Generally useful in PvP,
it can also help as a healer to absorb some of the damage the tank is
taking, although this is very risky and should only be done if you know
what you are doing.

Blessing of Protection(BoProt)
-Protects the target from all melee damage and effects for X amount of
seconds. On a 5 minute cooldown (reduced to 3 by talents). The target
effected by Blessing of Protection will have the Forbearance debuff
applied to them, preventing any Blessing of Protection, Divine Protection,
or Divine Shield cast upon them for 1 minute.
-Very useful in PvP to put on casters who are getting hit. Also useful for
yourself if you are fighting melee mobs and your Divine Shield is on
cooldown. In PvE, this will wipe the aggro from any mobs attacking that
target (including yourself). This can be extremely useful to throw on a
dpser that drew a little too much aggro, or a healer who is getting
pounded on.

Greater Blessings have the same effect as normal blessings, except when cast they buff everyone with the same class as your target in the raid. They also last for 30 minutes. They also require a reagent: Symbol of Kings which sell in stacks of 20 for pretty cheap from reagent vendors. These dont become available until the 50s and are only available for Might,Wisdom,Salvation,Sanctuary and Light.

1.2.3 What are seals? When are they useful?

Seals are temporary buffs that only apply to Paladins for 30 seconds. They have a secondary use in that a Paladin can judge these seals, providing an instant effect or a debuff on an enemy for 20 seconds. The duration of the debuff is refreshed every time the enemy is hit by the Paladin who cast that judgement.

Seal of Righteousness (SoR)
-Imbues the Paladin with holy energy, causing each melee hit to damage the Paladin's target with X holy damage. (X is affected by melee weapon speed)
-Judgment: Instantly deals Y amount of holy energy to the target. (not effected by melee weapon speed.)
-This is the standard seal for use when you have a 1-hander and a shield. Especially good in tanking, it provides a nice steady flow of threat towards the Paladin.

Seal of the Crusader (SotC)
-Causes the Paladin to hit faster and increases attack power by X, while also lowering the damage dealt by a single swing. This results in the Paladin dealing less damage with each hit but more damage over all.
-Judgement: Causes the target to take Y more holy damage.
-This spell is mostly used for the judgement. There are other seals that will increase your overall damage with each hit, and putting this up in combination with Seal of Righteousness or any other seal that does holy damage to the enemy will increase the amount of damage you do overall.

Seal of Command (SoC) (Requires 11 talents in Retribution)
-Gives every melee hit a chance to deal holy damage equal to 70% weapon damage.
-Judgement: Deals X to Y damage to the target. Deals double damage if the target is stunned or incapacitated.
-This is the premier damage dealing seal for a long time. With a slow 2-handed weapon, the extra holy damage when SoC activates is almost like getting a critical hit. However, both are also independently capable of dealing critical hits, giving the very nice "double crit." Judging this after stunning the enemy is nice for some quick burst damage.

Seal of Justice (SoJ)
-Gives every melee hit a chance to stun the target for 2 seconds.
-Judgement(Rank 1): Causes the target to be unable to flee from the battle.
-Judgement(Rank 2): Causes the target to be unable to flee and removes/prevents any speed increase effect on the target, effectively keeping them at 100% run speed or less.
-This is very good for it's judgement. This will keep enemies from fleeing, which is very useful in instances where the mobs tend to run into other groups. Also good in PvP as an anti-kiting maneuver, however if you have nothing to increase your speed then the target is moving just as fast as you. The seal itself is useful for interrupting casters, though it doens't proc often enough to be devastating.

Seal of Light (SoL)
-Gives every damaging attack a chance to heal the Paladin for X amount.
-Judgement: Gives every damaging attack a chance to heal the attacker for Y amount.
-Very useful for keeping your health topped off in long fights. The judgement is very useful in parties, especially if you are the main healer. It helps to keep everyone topped off while you focus on healing the tank. Earlier in the game, keeping this judgement up will make solo fights against melee mobs much easier. Although later, judgement of Wisdom is better.

Seal of Wisdom (SoW)
-Gives every damaging attack a chance to restore the Paladin's mana for X amount.
-Judgement: Gives every damaging attack a chance to restore the attacker's mana for Y amount.
-This is a very good judgement for keeping your mana up. Very useful in long grinding sessions, as the less time you spend drinking your mana up, the more experience you are getting by killing mobs. Later in the game, post-50s, this judgement will help more against fighting elites, as the amount you can heal for the mana you get is far more than the healing you get from SoL.

Seal of Vengeance (SoV) (Alliance only)
-Gives every melee attack a chance to cause X holy damage over 12 seconds. This can stack up to 5 times.
-Judgement: Deals X amount of holy damage per application of Seal of Vengeance.
-This is a very useful tool for tanking. It allows the Paladin to bring a nice amount of threat towards himself. It also allows the Paladin to hit multiple mobs, and keep threat coming towards him from those he has already hit. The judgement is useful if the Paladin loses aggro, instantly dealing a great amount of holy damage, while also keeping the DoT on the enemy, generating even more threat.

Seal of Blood (SoB) (Horde only)
-Every melee attack deals another 35% in holy damage. However, deals 10% damage of the total damage back at the Paladin.
-Judgement: Deals X amount of holy damage, dealing 33% of the damage at the Paladin as well.
-This seal deals the most damage of any other seal given a nice, slow, 2-handed weapon. The damage dealt back at the Paladin is mostly negligible, just throw a heal at yourself every once in a while, or your healer in the group will do it for you. This was designed for Paladins with sustained DPS in mind.
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1.2.4 What are other key spells?

There are a few other spells that are a Paladins defining attributes after the auras, blessings and seals.

Divine Shield (Bubble)
-Makes the Paladin immune to all melee and magical attacks and removes (almost) all detrimental effects on the Paladin for 12 seconds. 5 minute cooldown (can be decreased to 4 minutes with talents).
-This is the spell that every other class hates about us. This can allow us to heal ourselves back to full, hearth back to our homepoint in pointless or unwinable fights, and sometimes can be used offensively if you know what you are doing. This is the Paladin's main panic button, and will save your life more time than you can count.

Lay on Hands
-Heals the target for the full amount of the Paladins maximum health. Later ranks also restore X amount of mana to the target. 1 hour cooldown (can be decreased to 40 minutes and increase armor for a period of time with talents).
-This is panic button number two. The long cooldown may make you apprehensive to use it, but it is far less effective if you never do. Use this when it would be extremely inconvenient for you to die, and you would much rather live through whatever encounter.

Hammer of Justice
-Stuns the target for X amount of seconds (3-6). 1 minute cooldown (can be reduced to 45 seconds with talents).
-This is a nice interrupt if you just need a break from damage for a second to heal up. The stun is long enough at the last rank to get 2 holy lights in. Also, judging SoC after using this causes double damage.

Holy Light/Flash of Light
-Heals the target for X. Casting time is 2.5 seconds for HL, 1.5 seconds for FoL.
-The Paladins healing spells, can be very mana-efficient. Holy Light heals for much more than Flash of Light, however Flash of Light is much more mana efficient.

Righteous Fury
-Increases the Paladins threat from holy attacks by 60% (increases to 90% and provides 6% damage reduction with talents) lasts 30 minutes.
-A must to have up when tanking. This is what allows paladins to accumulate so much threat.

-Removes one poison, disease, (and magic with Cleanse) effect on the target.
-This is a very useful spell for removing debuffs. While most other classes have to live with their poisons, diseases, or magic debuffs, you can take them off of yourself and other classes who will love you for it.

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Page 2: Playing your Paladin

2.1 Group PvE Play

2.1.1 How do Paladins tank in groups?

There is a bit of a difference depending on what level you are. Before about the level 50's, it is not necessary to be prot spec to be able to tank the instances, you will have an easier time, but it's not 100% necessary. A one-handed weapon and shield is required, have Righteous Fury up at all times, and tank with SoR for one-mob. Use consecration if you need to tank more than one mob at a time. Use the taunt macro below to keep mobs on you if you lose aggro. With this method alone you should be fine. Judge Crusader if you are having problems with threat, judge Wisdom or Light if you are good on threat and you want to increase your mana or health pool.

As you level higher past the 50s, it becomes more and more necessary to at least have Holy Shield in the protection tree, by 60 it's a requirement. With Holy Shield, you can increase your survivability and your threat on single and multiple-mobs. Imp. Righteous Fury will also increase your threat and survivability. Other good talents to have are: Reckoning, Redoubt, Shield Specialization, Toughness, Anticipation. (Discussed more in the talents section).

Good buffing guidelines for Blessings (and you should buff) are as follows: BoSalv for DPS, BoW for Healers, BoW on self if mana regen is a problem, BoSanc on self if threat is a problem, and BoK on self if those areas are good. Retribution Aura on multiple mobs, Devotion Aura on single mobs.

IF you are tanking and you end up losing aggro, don't panic, as there are a few things to do (in order, moving to the next one if that didn't work.

1. Wait for your taunt macro to cd, if it is a vital time and you really don't want that person to die and they will if they wait for your cd, skip to 5.
2. Use your taunt macro and Judge your tanking seal (be it SoR or SoV)
3. Use Avenger's Shield
4. Use Exorcism if it is an Undead or Demon.
5. Cast Blessing of Protection on the player with aggro.
6. If all that fails, keep hitting it with everything you have until it turns or the player dies. Don't kick yourself too much if it was a dps class, they have to watch their own threat. If it was the healer, then you might want to reevaluate your tanking strategy to induce more threat.

Taunt Macro:
From WoWWiki wrote:

/cast [help][target=targettarget,help] Righteous Defense;

This will put righteous defense on your target if it is friendly, and on your target's target if it is not friendly.
From WoWWiki wrote:

/cast [target=mouseover,help][help][target=targettarget,help] Righteous Defense;

This does the same as above, and it will also cast RD on the target if your mouse is over that target.

2.1.2 How do Paladins heal in a group?

For a while, a Paladin does not have to have points in Holy to effectively heal in a group, however they should keep a healing set of gear on them in case they do need to heal.

Pre-BC there is not much healing plate/mail out there, so try to focus on int, sta, and mp5 where possible, get pieces other than plate/mail if you need to.

A paladin only has two healing spells (unless you are a Draenei, in which you have your HoT). Holy Light is our large heal, and Flash of Light is our quick, mana-efficient heal. When healing, the policy is to always make sure your main tank is alive. If the tank dies, you are (usually) screwed, as aggro will fly everywhere and you can't keep up heals on that many targets at once without having a good eye and a great amount of skill. Also, it helps to bring a few mana potions, as Paladins don't have any abilities to quickly regain a ton of mana (i.e. Innervate, Mana Tide totem, Shadowfiend, etc..). In long fights, always pot early, to ensure the cooldown will be up when you need it again.

A good strategy when healing is casting Flash of Light on the main tank unless they start dipping below about 60-70%, after that, throw out a Holy Light to keep them up. Also, look out for poisons/diseases/magic effects and Cleanse them off. If other people start taking damage from aoes, throw out quick Flash of Lights (starting with yourself) after a Holy Light on the tank. Using this method, you can keep the entire party alive. Draenei can also use their racial HoT on someone who just took damage. If you manage to pull threat off the tank, a quick HoJ will give the tank time to pull it back. If that doesnt work then BoP/Divine Shield will temporarily remove aggro on you and transfer it to the next highest person on the threat list (hopefully the tank), however dont do this immediately, only if it looks like the tank won't be able to pull the mob off you before you die for whatever reason.

Good buffing guidelines are BoSalv on DPS, or BoM/BoK/BoW if the DPS can handle their threat, BoW on self, BoL on tank, or BoK if your healing is good enough without BoL.
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MensagemAssunto: Re: Tutorialzinho de PALA   Ter Jan 08, 2008 12:53 pm

2.1.3 I dont want to heal or tank, what should I do in a group?

There is a big difference from being a retadin and a retnoob. A retnoob will join parties, at any level, and only DPS and stands there like an idiot when things go bad and everyone wipes, not offering a helping hand. A retadin can and will off-heal when necessary, can and will off-tank when necessary and will do everything they can to make sure that the party is alive and comfortable, with DPS a kind of after-thought. Retadins can be a nice addition to a party anywhere from 1 - 65. After that though, most parties can handle their own, and the DPS of a Retribution Paladin will fall way behind other DPS classes. Off tanking is also not desired after 65, a full tank really needs to handle those mobs, and cc is much more preferrable. Offtanking at that level can put unnecessary strain on the healer.

If you are not main-tanking or main-healing, this should be your priorities:
1. Off-heal/Off-tank if necessary.
2. Cleanse Poisons/Diseases/Magic effects.
3. Keep up blessings.
4. DPS mob.
Your party will appreciate it, and you can turn a party that would have wiped frequently into a no-death or near no-death run.

2.2 Solo PvE Play

2.2.1 What is the best way to level up a Paladin?

This is extremely subjective, as there is no "best" way to level up. In grinding from 1 - 70, you will be discovering every nuance of the Paladin class, and some methods will work better for you than others. Other than that, there are basically 2-methods of leveling up for a paladin.

Single-Target(Can be used from 1 - 70 effectively)
The idea for this is putting out as much single-target damage as possible. In order to do that, you will be looking for either a ret/holy or holy/ret build, the key talents to grab are Seal of Command and Spiritual Focus. SoC will greatly increase your dps, making almost every other hit as if you got a crit, which by itself is capable of critting. Spiritual Focus will make sure that you can survive without worrying about getting interrupted by casting. After getting those talents, any path up holy or ret is a good idea to help maximize your damage and/or survivability. For gear, grab as much str and sta as possible, think warrior. Get a nice heavy 2-hander and start pounding away.

An option for Holy Paladins once they get into Outlands is to start a shockadin build. This does require a good amount of mana, and is more focused on spell damage. Outlands has a good amount of Plate spell damage gear, so stacking that up, using a shield and one-hander, and using SoR, JoR and Holy Shock to kill can be another viable option.

Multiple-Target/AOE Grinding(Should be started around 35 - 70)
The idea for this is that a Paladin can become a porcupine and survive a lot. It may take a few pulls in a certain area to figure out your limit, but the idea is to be able to reflect as much damage as possible to all your enemies, and to survive through them pounding you. In order to pull off this attempt to level, a protection spec must be chosen, and you must use a shield. A shield spike, Retribution Aura, Blessing of Sanctuary, and Holy Shield are all methods of inflicting damage to any enemy that attacks you. Judge seal of wisdom on your current mob and pull up Seal of Light, this will keep both your mana and health topped off with those mobs beating on you. For increased survivability, throw 10 points into Holy to get Spiritual Focus, allowing you to heal uninterrupted. Throwing out Consecration every now and then if mana allows can help speed up the process. This approach to leveling really takes more skill than the single-target, however it is very good practice if you plan on tanking end-game.

2.2.2 What talents should a Paladin be getting as he levels?

Again, it depends on which of the methods above you want to do. My personnal recommendation for single-target grinding is to first move up retribution, grabbing Benediction, Imp. Judgement, Imp. SotC, and then SoC. After that, move up Holy, getting Divine Strength, Spiritual Focus, Healing Light, next 2 whatever, then Illumination, and Divine Favor. Once you have DF, there is almost no downtime between pulls. After this, you can move down holy to get holy shock, or you can start moving down Ret towards CS.

At level 61, I did this, but you don't have to. I respecced to 10/31/11. This gave me SF, Reckoning, HS, and SoC. I gave up my DF, but I gained the ability to tank in instances, and by myself I was able to put out more dps, especially when Reckoning would proc, giving me usually 3 hits (2 normal and 1 SoC proc), and still keep my uninterruptable heals.

For AOE grinding, just get talents that you would get if you were tanking, the only exception being that SF can be a good investment, though not required. Get Redoubt, Anticipation, Toughness, Shield Specialization, Imp. RF, BoK, Reckoning, BoSanc, HS, Sacred Duty, One-Handed Weap Specialization, Imp. HS, Ardent Defender and Avenger's Shield.

2.2.3 What is the best place for a Paladin to grind? (And where are the Undead/Demons)

The best places are where there are melee mobs for AOE grinders cause the Paladin needs to be hit for AOE grinding to work effectively, and casters for Single-Target grinders because they are generally quicker to kill as they have less health. Anytime there are demons or undead around you can have an easier time grinding due to Exorcism, Turn Undead, and Sense Undead. Here is a list of some Undead Locations:

(Massive thanks to LikeIke for helping to fill out this list, including all of the instances.)

Levels 10-20: Ghostlands
Levels 21-30: Duskwood, Silverpine Forest
Levels 26-30: Wetlands (The lost Fleet)
Levels 28-30: Ashenvale (Dor'danil Barrow Den)
Levels 32-37: Desolace (small area in south center)
Levels 36-42: Desolace (outside Mauradon)
Levels 40-45: Stranglethorn Vale (Zanzil ruins)
Levels 45-50: Azshara (Highborne ruins)
Levels 50-55: Western Plaguelands
Levels 51-56: Winterspring (Lake Maz'Thoril)
Levels 53-58: Silithus
Levels 55-60: Eastern Plaguelands
Levels 59-60: Deadwind Pass (south of the map)
Levels 60-62: Hellfire Peninsula (Expedition Armory)
Levels 62-64: Terrokar Forest
Levels 64-68: Nagrand (SE of Forge Camp: Fear)
Levels 68-70: Shadowmoon Valley (Sketh'lon Wreckage)

According to several people, the undead on the large island near Hillsbrad are apparently elites now.


Levels 22-30: Shadowfang Keep
Levels 33-40: Razorfen Downs
Levels 34-45: Scarlet Monestary (Graveyard section)
Levels 44-54: Zul'Farrak (Graveyard past the bug farm)
Levels 45-55: Temple of Atal'Hakkar (Sunken Temple)
Levels 55-60: Dire Maul (West side)
Levels 56-60: Scholomance
Levels 58-60: Stratholme

Almost all instances in Outlands have demons inside, only a few have undead.

2.3 PvP Play

2.3.1 How do I fight against class X?
A Paladin wins fights in most cases by outlasting their opponents by healing often and early, and using smart tactics to take advantage of both your and your opponent's cooldowns. I'm not going to list every single scenario on here. The easiest fights are against melee fighters. Just simply heal when you can and necessary and you should win. Casters are another story as most fights turn into mana battles. A Shadow Priest can burn out your mana, a Warlock can fear-chain you, and a Mage can blast you with all sorts of spells while keeping away from you. Your best bet is to just try to heal yourself as much as possible. Avoid their kiting effects with BoF if possible, and get in the damage when you can. With the right gear, skill, and a little luck you can take them down, this applies to Hunters as well.

2.3.2 What should a Paladin be doing in BGs?

In BGs Paladins are most effective when they are healing allies. A Paladin doing damage can rack up HKs, but the damage done would be so much more if that Paladin sat back and healed up the other dps classes.

In WSG/EotS, a Paladin can make an excellence flag holder. Not neccessarily a good runner, but if the Paladin has the flag, they can take much more of a beating before dying, Divine Shield however removes the Paladin's flag, so it should not be used. If you don't have the flag, then you should be healing the guy with the flag, making an excellent body guard.

In AB, a Paladin is great for holding a node. With their survivability, they can live long enough for help to come, or to potentially kill the rogue that tried to ambush him. Also, being on the front lines and healing those that need it will vastly help to ensure a captured node, even if outnumbered.

In AV, which can be more PvE oriented, a tanking Paladin can help capture nodes or fight bosses, a healing Paladin does what they do best, and Ret Paladins can go off on their own if they want to, though it is not necessarily good for the group and they can help much more by healing.

2.3.3 What should a Paladin be doing in Arena?

Arena is much more frantic than bgs. No matter what spec the paladin is, they are almost always the first target from the other team. This is due to the fact that most Paladins are healers in Arena and for good reason. Retribution paladins have a much harder time in arena, as they cannot do as much damage as other dedicated damage dealing classes. If you are ret, take that moment when they realize that you arent the healer and get some damage in while they are trying to kill you with your buddy healing you up. If you are holy, you definately want to be decked out in the best plate healing gear you can get. Investing in talents to help your survivability is best, a lot of Arena Paladins opt for a 41/20/0 talent placement. This allows them to get the essential healing talents, while also getting a good amount of the protection talents, including Imp. Concentration aura which is invaluable in arenas.

2.4 Gear

2.4.1 What kind of gear can a Paladin equip?

A Paladin can equip 1 and 2-handed swords, axes, and maces as well as Polearms. A Paladin can equip cloth,leather, and mail armor from level 1, and plate armor from level 40.
A Paladin cannot equip any ranged item, ever. The slot has been replaced with a Libram slot, which the Paladin can equip.

2.4.2 What kind of gear does an end-game Tanking Paladin look for?

An end-game tanking paladin tries to go for the following gear (all Plate).
• A spell damage/healing bonus of at least 200.
• 490 Defense (for reaching uncrittable status).
• 102.4% avoidance (about 52.4% of that must come from gear/talents).
• As much stamina and Armor as possible.

These stats will help ensure your ability to keep threat and to take a beating.

2.4.3 What kind of gear does an end-game Healing Paladin look for?

At end-game, a healer needs to try to grab a balance of the following:
• +Healing - Increases the effectiveness of the heals.
• +Spell Crit - Further increases the effectiveness, and also an important source of mana regen.
• +Mp5 - Another important source of mana regen.
• +Int - Increases mana pool, spell crit, and +heal.

There is an ongoing debate over Plate vs. Non-Plate gear. What seems to be a good guideline is if you think you are going to get hit, then you should probably get more armor. Examples of when you will get hit are arenas, battlegrounds, and probably PuG groups. You will (or at least should) not get hit in guild runs, unless you are heal tanking something.

To heal in Kara, 1200 healing, 15% crit, and 70mp5 is a good starting point. Every raid after that requires a little more, you should probably ask your guild what they want you to be at for further instances.
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2.4.4 What kind of gear does an end-game DPSing Paladin look for?

There are 2 kinds of end-game Paladin DPSers, there are Retadins, and there are Shockadins.

Retadins follow almost the same philosophy as warriors, looking out for +AP, +STA, +Crit, +Hit, etc.. The only difference is possibly a slight amount of attention to Int.

A Retribution Paladin trying to get into raids should work for the following stats:

1100-1400 AP
25% crit
9% hit (3% from precision helps)
~8k hp
~4.5k mana

You might be wondering if you should get spelldamage, however there is actually very little benefit for a Retribution Paladin to get spelldamage. Focusing on it would take away from other stats like crit rating and AP which will help you out more in damage.

Shockadins are like plate wearing spell casters as they tend to focus damage through Seal/Judgement of Righteousness and Holy Shock. Their gear will be loaded with spell damage, spell crit, intellect, and Stamina. A shockadin spec usually isn't used in raids so I won't list any requirements for it here. Shockadins are generally what holy paladins do when they aren't raiding to speed up their own grinding/questing or they are strictly PvP.

2.4.5 Is there any difference between maces, swords, and axes?

There isn't much difference in those weapons for a Paladin besides their inherent properties. Paladin's do not get any kind of specific weapon specialization, the only time there is a difference is for Human Paladins, as they get an extra 5 point bonus to their mace and sword skills.
When deciding which weapon to get, just get the one with the better stats going towards what you want.

2.4.6 So do Paladins get any kind of ranged attack?

Weeelllll.... there is a trinket you can get from an Un'goro Crater quest line which ends with a few rewards, one of which being Linken's Boomerang which as you can see has a range increment. Other ranged possibilities are EZ throw dynamite, and other Engineering tools if you go into there (you don't need to be Engineering to get the EZ throw dynamite).

Beyond gear the only other ranged attacks come from talents: Holy Shock 31 points in the Holy tree and Avenger's Shield 41 points in the Protection tree. Retribution does not have any kind of ranged attack, oh well.

Another ranged option is the BE Racial Mana Tap. It deals no damage, and is only usable on enemies with mana, but it can be useful to pull some mobs.

2.5 Talents
2.5.1 What does an end-game healing spec look like?
End game there are different situations in which you will be healing, here are are some sample specs which can be used in these situations:

Arena/PvP Healing (41/20/0)
This spec focuses on being able to heal, while also being able to take a punch. Imp. Concentration Aura is a must for healing in arena, as there are many classes that can silence or interrupt you, and getting that over with asap is essential.

Instance/Raid Healing (41/20/0)
This spec concentrates a little less on taking a hit, and grabs some more utility talents for other raid/party members.

Raid Buffing/Healing (44/12/5)
This spec includes even more raid utility, and grabs improved versions of blessings. This is good if you are the designated Paladin "buffer" in the raid group, making sure that DPS and Mana classes get the best of the best.

2.5.2 What does an end-game tanking spec look like?

With Patch 2.3, more talents were added to buff paladin tanking, however the number of talents grew to the point where it was not possible to gain all of them. As such, some of the more popular tanking talents had to be removed, most notably Reckoning, which as you get better and better geared becomes less and less useful. However, please note that Reckoning is still a great talent for leveling up and after you just hit 70. The following specs are what I feel to be best for the given situations.

Raid Main Tankadin (0/46/15)
This focuses on being able to dish out the threat and take the hits. Some utility talents were removed in order to grab some of the other talents. Also, a couple points were dropped out of Ardent Defender. This is because as you fight tougher enemies, AD is not as useful as it is when fighting lesser enemies, and a Main Tank should be expecting to fight the toughest of the bunch.

Raid Off Tankadin (0/48/13)
Improved Seal of the Crusader is a great utility talent and this spec picks it up. If you are offtanking, it is easy enough to keep this judgement up and it will increase your overall raid dps. This also maxes out AD. AD is more useful now as you can expect to fight lesser mobs or groups of lesser mobs, lesser here meaning not a boss.

You may notice that neither of these specs has picked up Blessing of Kings. Most healers end up speccing for BoK anyways, so let them give it to you, and you need every point you can get at this point.

Instance Tankadin (0/51/10)
This spec is the only one that grabs Reckoning. In instances, you can expect to fight multiple mobs at once, and this will almost guarantee that Reckoning will always be up for you.

2.5.3 What does an end-game damage-dealing spec look like?

Retadin (Instance/Raid) (5/8/48)
This spec focuses on being able to deal as much damage as possible with a 2-handed weapon. The points to get Precision is well speant, as 3% less misses means 3% more damage.

Retadin (PvP) (5/0/56)
This spec is similar to the other one, except it drops precision to grab Divine Purpose. That's almost like free Resilience. It also drops Imp. Devo Aura to grab parry. These talents help to reduce your incoming damage, and parrying reduces the amount of time until your next weapon swing, which is always nice.

Shockadin (PvE and PvP) (51/0/10)

This spec focuses heavily in the Holy Tree, opting for as much spell damage, mana regen, and int as possible. With this spec, in the right gear you can put out major holy damage, and in the right gear you can heal instances.

Shockadin (Pure PvP) (40/0/21)

This spec is finely tuned for being an effective damage dealer in PvP. Sanctity Aura in ret boosts your holy damage by 10% and the talents along the way offer some nice bonuses such as Eye for an Eye and Pursuit of Justice. Like a Retribution Paladin, the only time you are probably going to heal is if you are bubbled or if your opponent is stunned, so Spiritual Focus in the holy tree isn't completely necessary.

2.5.4 Are hybrid specs a good idea for a Paladin?

No not really, most of the best talents for a Paladin to get are deep in their respective trees. Holy Shock, Holy Shield, and Crusader Strike are all currently impossible to have any combination of. Half and half specs are generally not a good idea, as you are hurting yourself more by stretching yourself too thin over 2 areas. They can be viable while leveling up, and while running normal lvl 70 instances, however they should not be used in heroic or raid instances, as this can spell disaster for your group.
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3.1 Alliance Quests

3.1.1 How do you do the lvl 12 quest?
-Reward: Redemption (Paladin Res)

Human: After getting the quest in Elwynn Forest, speak with Duthorian Rall at the Cathedral in Stormwind. He will tell you to look for someone to help in Stormwind. The person to look for is Stephanie Turner who is in the Trade District, near the entrance of Stormwind. She asks for you to bring her 10 linen cloth. Once you do that she will send you back to Duthorian. He will give you a Symbol of Life and tell you to talk to his friend Gazin Tenorm who has recently suffered some injuries from some Defias. Gazin sends you to resurrect his friend Henze Faulk with the Symbol of Life. Henze is on the North Eastern side of Elwynn Forest. Coordinates are (72,51) on the west side of the rings in Heroes' Vigil, the island in the middle of Stone Cairn Lake. Once you resurrect him, he sends you killing the nearby defias until you get a "Defias Script" and send it back to Gazin in Stormwind. Gazin will have you speak with Dutorian who will teach you the spell Redemption!

Dwarf: After getting the quest in Dun Murogh, speak with Tiza Battleforge in Ironforge who is in the Mystic Ward. First she will send you searching for someone to help in Ironforge. You find such a person in John Turner who is near the front entrance. He will have you give him 10 linen cloth. After that, he will send you back to Tiza Battleforge. Then she will give you a Symbol of Life and tell you to speak with her husband Muiredon Battleforge. He has you go out and rez his buddy Narm Faulk in Dun Morogh. He is at (78,58) on the west side of the center island in the lake on a little mound. Once you do that, Narm will give you a quest to get the Dark Iron Script which drops off the Dark Iron Dwarves near Helm's Bed. Once you get that, take it back to Muiredon in Ironforge who has you talk to his wife who then teaches you Redemption!

Draenei: After getting the quest in Azuremyst, speak with Jol in the Vindicators' Sanctum of the Exodar. Jol will give you the Tome of Divinity. Read it then talk to Jol again. Jol will then send you on a mission to resurrect a Young Furlbog Shaman with a Symbol of Life that will be given to you. The Furlbog is located at (65,77). Those without a coordinate mod must go to the Bristlelimb Enclave in Bloodmyst Isle past Kessel's Crossing on the right. The Furlbog is in one of the camps just before you reach the second bridge. After resurrecting the Furlbog, return back to Jol, you now know Redemption!

3.1.2 How do you do the lvl 20 quest?

-Reward: Bastion of Stormwind, Sense Undead

First speak to Duthorian Rall in Stormwind. He will give you a quest to find Daphne Stilwell in Westfall who is in danger of being attacked by nearby Defias. She is on the very south-west corner of the map past the exit to the Deadmines. Coordinates are (42,88).

Once you speak with her and accept the quest the event will start. Three waves of defias will come, about 2-4 each wave, all level 17-18. There is a small amount of time between waves. Recommended for this is to use a one-hand + shield and concecrate when they get close. Use Righteous Fury to keep aggro on the adds. They are fairly easy if you dont burn out your mana too fast, while also killing them.

Once you're done with that, return to Duthorian for your reward!

3.1.3 How do you do the lvl 21 quest?

-This quest is a continuation of the previous quest, but seperate enough to warrent another section.
-Reward: Verigan's Fist

(Some of this section taken from the quest pages on Allakhazam.)
This quest starts after completing the previous quest. Duthorian Rall has you go to Jordan Stilwell in Ironforge who is actually outside of the entrance of Ironforge in the area to the right (facing the entrance). He wants to reward you with an awesome hammer, unfortunately he needs 4 things to make it, none of which are exceedingly easy to get. This can all be solo'd around level 25 with skill, gear, and potions. Before that or to make things easier, you might want to bring a buddy. The items he needs are:

Whitestone Oak Lumber: Found in the Deadmines off of Goblin Woodcarvers after the first boss or second boss in the instance.

Jordan's Refined Ore Shipment: Talk to Bailor Stonehand in Loch Modan who is in the building with the tailor supply merchant outside of it. He tells you it has to be near the Mo'grosh ogres. You can find it in a crate next on the ground right between the g and the r in Mo'grosh on the map of Loch Modan. You can probably sneak your way into the area without help, but if you plan on having to kill ogres, you can solo a single ogre at level 21/22. After you get the ore you need to bring it back to Bailor, who refines it for you.

Jordan's Smithing Hammer: This hammer is found in the horse stalls of Shadowfang Keep. After freeing the jailed person in the beginning of the instance, just go out the door he unlocks and run straight to the horse stalls. The hammer is in a bucket. Mobs are level 18-19 elites and pulled 2-3 at a time, and a boss must be killed before the jailed person can be freed.

Kor Gem: This is dropped off of the elite naga outside of Blackfathom Deeps off of Blackfathom Oracles or Blackfathom Priestesses. They are level 16-22 elites, which shouldn't be much of a problem.

Once you get these items, go ahead and talk to Jordan again who will go back to his anvil and make the hammer for you. Congratulations, this is one of the best weapons you will have for the level you can get it for a very long time. This can easily last you into the 30s, the hardness of the quest is definately worth it in the end.

3.1.4 How do you do the lvl 50 quest?

Reward: Lightforged Blade or Sanctified Orb or Chivalrous Signet, and Holy Mightstone

After getting the quest from Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker in SW, he sends you out to talk to Commander Ashlam Valorfist in Chillwind Camp in south Western Plaguelands. Commander Valorfist will tell you to collect 20 minion's scourgestones and bring them to the High Priest Thel'danis in the Western Plaguelands. In order to get the scourgestones, you first have to get the Argent Dawn trinket from Officer Pureheart. The scourgestones drop off of the undead in Western Plaguelands, just go to one of the farms that isn't currently being farmed and plug away.

With the scourgestones in hand, head to Uther's Tomb where High Priest Thel'danis is residing. She will turn the scourgestones into an Inert Scourgestone, and tell you to give it to Commander Valorfist. He will then tell you to get the 6 Voodoo feathers from the trolls in the Sunken Temple. The trolls names are Gasher, Mijan, Zolo, Hukku, Zul'lor and Loro. Sunken Temple is an instance so bring a full group with you. After you have done that, go back to Commander Valorfist and claim your reward.

3.1.5 How do you do the lvl 60 quest?

Reward: Summon Charger, Ride Skill 150

Full list of materials needed:
1 Pristine Black Diamond
1 Azerothian Diamond
6 Arcanite Bar
5 Stratholme Holy Water
40 Runecloth
10 Arthas' Tears
20 Enriched Manna Biscuits

Depending on server prices, this quest chain can easily cost 500g, still cheaper than buying the epic mount skill.
1. Get the quest from Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker
2. Go to Ironforge with 150g and give it to High Priest Rohan, he will give you an Exorcism Censor.
3. Go back to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker with the Censor.
4. Kill 25 spirits in Terrordale, which is the ghost town located in Eastern Plagulands, all the way to the north west. To get the spirits to come out, there are green areas in the ground, before you do anything, clear the area of any mobs, then use the censor on those areas and 1 - 3 spirits will come out at once, each capable of casting curses that will reduce your stats by a significant amount. If you need to turn one of them, go ahead but it should be soloable by any spec paladin. If you need to, bring a friend. When you are done, go back to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker
5. He will send you next to Grimand Elmore, a dwarf in Stormwind's Dwarfen District.
6. Grimand will make the barding for your charger, however in order to do that, he needs some items. He needs the Stratholme Holy Water, Arthas' Tears, Runecloth, Arcanite Bars, and 150g mentioned above. The Arthas' Tears, Arcanite Bars and Runecloth can all be bought on the AH. The Stratholme Holy Water can only be found in... Stratholme. There are crates around that have a chance to either contain a ton of little bugs, or holy water of which you need 5. The best crates to open are the ones in the big area where all the abominations are, there are some with a "+" symbol on it, open those crates to get sometimes 2 or 3 holy waters at once. When you have all the mats and his 150g fee, return back to Grimand.
7. After this, Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker tells you to get some horse feed and then go kill Tendris Warpwood in Dire Maul.
• a. The horse feed is gotten from Merideth Carlson, who needs 20 Enriched Manna Biscuits to make it as well as 50 gold. The biscuits are sold from the Argent Dawn quartermaster. With the biscuits and cash in hand, it is time to go to Dire Maul West.
• b. Get a group together and go to Dire Maul West either with the key/lockpicking or the death/raise on the other side of the door method. Once you are inside, there will be several patrolling treeants, kill them all. Then get to the boss and kill him, he isn't too difficult. When you kill the treeant, you will see a horse running around, talk to the horse and get the Blessed Arcanite Barding.
8. Return back to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker.
9. Give an Azerothian Diamond and a Pristine Black Diamond to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker who will give you the Divination Scryer.
10. Now comes the fun part. Bring a good group to Scholomance and clear through to the basement. The boss Rattlegore will be there, kill him and all the other undead in the basement. After this, there will be 4 waves of ghosts that will attack, each with several spirits and one Aspect, the aspect being the toughest of that group. They start out fairly easy, mostly non-elites, but by the end, they will all be rather tough elites to kill. Your seals and judgements can temporarily disrupt and damage the ghosts, according to the following list:
• Banal Spirits/ Aspect of Banal: Judge Seal of Wisdom
• Malicious Spirits / Aspect of Malice: Judge Seal of Justice
• Corrupted Spirits / Aspect of Corruption: Judge Seal of Righteousness
• Shadowed Spirits / Aspect of Shadow: Judge Seal of Light
11. After they are dead, the final boss of the event will come out: Death Knight Darkreaver. He tends to MC as a spell, which can be interrupted. Once he is dead, the ghost of Darkreaver's charger will appear. The questionmark over his head will be grey, so don't worry about it. Simply loot the boss, and get the Charger's Lost Soul. Right-click it in your inventory to get Charger's Redeemed Soul. Having both the Redeemed Soul and the Blessed Arcanite Barding in your inventory allows you to click on the horse and complete the quest. Congratulations, you now have your epic mount!
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3.3 Tier Sets

3.3.1 What are the tier 0-3 sets?

The tier 0 - 3 sets are item sets that drop in the Pre-Burning Crusade instances. They are all obsolete by now, as not many people run those instances anymore, the only non-obsolete set would be the Dungeon Set 0, which is still attainable before a character hits level 60. This is the Lightforge Armor set, and pieces still pop up on the AH now and then.

I won't delve into specific locations for each item, but here's a quick run down.
Tier 0: Various instances such as Scholo/Strat/UBRS, etc...
Tier 0.5: Attained through quests after getting Tier 0 pieces.
Tier 1: Molten Core
Tier 1.5: Zul'Gurub quest rewards.
Tier 2: Blackwing Layer/Onyxia
Tier 2.5: Temple/Ruins of AQ quest rewards.
Tier 3: Naxxramas

3.3.2 What is the dungeon set 3 (tier 3.5) set and where do they drop?

Dungeon Set 2 are items that currently drop in the level 70 non-heroic instances. Here is a quick rundown of the locations of the paladin set (Righteous) which has stats primarily for tanking. However, the stats on each piece are not great for tanking, as their avoidance is too low to effectively tank in Kara or higher. These pieces are good for the instances they drop from if your normal tanking gear is too good for these instances, and you want to drop down your avoidance to make the healer have to heal you in order to regen your mana. They are also good filler pieces until you find something better.
1. Helm of the Righteous Tempest Keep - The Mechanar: Pathaleon the Calculator
2. Breastplate of the Righteous Coilfang Reservoir - The Steamvault: Warlord Kalithresh
3. Legplates of the Righteous Caverns of Time - The Black Morass: Aeonus
4. Spaulders of the Righteous Tempest Keep - The Botanica: Laj
5. Gauntlets of the Righteous Hellfire Citadel - The Shattered Halls: Warchief Kargath Bladefist

3.3.2 What is the tier 4 set and where does it drop?

The Tier 4 set is purchasable by either Arodis Sunblade if you are Scryers or Asuur if you are Aldor. They are NOT purchasable with gold, but with tokens that you get from defeating certain bosses in Kara, Gruul's Lair, and Magtheridon's Lair.

Healing Set:
Justicar Diadem
Justicar Chestpiece
Justicar Leggings
Justicar Pauldrons
Justicar Gloves

Tanking Set:
Justicar Chestguard
Justicar Handguards
Justicar Faceguard
Justicar Legguards
Justicar Shoulderguards

DPS Set:
Justicar Breastplate
Justicar Gauntlets
Justicar Crown
Justicar Greaves
Justicar Shoulderplates

Token Locations
Helm: Karazhan - Prince Malchezzar
Gloves: Karazhan - The Curator
Chest: Magtheridon's Lair - Magtheridon
Shoulder: Gruul's Lair - High King Maulgar
Legs: Gruul's Lair - Gruul the Dragonkiller

3.3.3 What is the tier 5 set and where does it drop?

Tier 5 like tier 4 is bought with tokens that drop from raid instances. They are bought from Kelara if you are Aldor, and Veynna Dawnstar if you are Scryers. The tokens are found in Serpent Shrine Cavern and Tempest Keep - The Eye.

Healing Set:
Crystalforge Chestpiece
Crystalforge Gloves
Crystalforge Greathelm
Crystalforge Leggings
Crystalforge Pauldrons

Tanking Set:
Crystalforge Chestguard
Crystalforge Handguards
Crystalforge Faceguard
Crystalforge Legguards
Crystalforge Shoulderguards

DPS Set:
Crystalforge Breastplate
Crystalforge Gauntlets
Crystalforge Warhelm
Crystalforge Greaves
Crystalfoge Shoulderbraces

Token Locations
Helm: Serpentshrine Cavern: Lady Vashj
Gloves: Serpentshrine Cavern: Leotheras the Blind
Chest: Tempest Keep - The Eye: Kael'thas Sunstrider
Shoulders:Tempest Keep - The Eye: Void Reaver
Legs: Serpentshrine Cavern: Fathom-Lord Karathress

3.3.4 What is the tier 6 set and where does it drop?

The Tier 6 set is the highest tier set in the game so far and it can only be aqcuired through tokens received from Mount Hyjal and Black Temple instances. They can only be bought within Mount Hyjal itself from Tydormu.

Healing Set:
Lightbringer Gloves
Lightbringer Greathelm
Lightbringer Chestpiece
Lightbringer Leggings
Lightbringer Pauldrons

Tanking Set:
Lightbringer Handguards
Lightbringer Faceguard
Lightbringer Chestguard
Lightbringer Legguards
Lightbringer Shoulderguards

DPS Set:
Lightbringer Gauntlets
Lightbringer Warhelm
Lightbringer Breastplate
Lightbringer Greaves
Lightbringer Shoulderbraces

Token Locations
Helm: Mount Hyjal - Archimonde
Gloves: Mount Hyjal - Azgalor
Chest: The Black Temple - Illidan Stormrage
Shoulders: The Black Temple - Mother Shahraz
Legs: The Black Temple - Gathios the Shatterer

3.4 Other notable sets

3.4.1 What is the Purple Judgement set I've heard about?
There is a very nice set of gear for healing paladins. This has been called the Purple Judgement set, because it has the same model as the Tier 2 Judgement set, though in a purple color. The locations of these items are as follows:

Helm: Mask of Pennance - Mekgineer Steamrigger, Steamvaults
Breastplate: Breastplate of Many Graces - Grandmaster Vorpil, Shadow Labyrinth
Shoulders: Justice Bearer's Pauldrons - Omor the Unscarred, Heroic Hellfire Ramparts
Hands: Life Bearer's Gauntlets - Vazruden, final boss Heroic Hellfire Ramparts
Wrists: Virtue Bearer's Vambraces - Broggok, Heroic Blood Furnace
Belt: Girdle of Many Blessings - Rokmar the Crackler, Heroic Slave Pens
Legs: Cassock of the Loyal - Hungarfen, Heroic Underbog
Boots: Boots of the Watchful Heart - Captain Skarloc, Heroic Old Hillsbrad (caverns of time)
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4.1 Formulas/Theorycraft

4.1.1 What are the spell coefficients for Paladin spells?

Spell coeffiecients are the amount of percentage of your spell damage that applies to the spells that you cast. According to WoWWiki, here are the current spell coefficients for Paladin Spell Damage.

0% Seal of Blood
0% Judgement of Blood
20% Seal of Command (Check Below)1
43% Judgement of Command
9.2% per 1.0 weapon speed, One-handed Seal of Righteousness
10.8% per 1.0 weapon speed, Two-handed Seal of Righteousness
73% Judgement of Righteousness
17% Seal of Vengeance (per tick)
43% Judgement of Vengeance
0% Retribution Aura
0% Blessing of Sanctuary
14% Avenger's Shield (per target)
76% Consecration
43% Exorcism
43% Flash of Light
43% Hammer of Wrath
71% Holy Light
5% Holy Shield
43% Holy Shock
19% Holy Wrath

1 Seal of Command gets a 20% bonus from spelldamage, but it also gets a 29% bonus from +Holy damage, such as in the case of Judgement of the Crusader.

4.1.2 How much of X stat will provide Y bonus to Z other stat?

At all Levels:
1 STR = 2 AP, .05 Blocked damage from a shield
1 AGI = 2 Armor
1 STA = 10 health
1 INT = 15 mana
1 SPI = 0.2 Mp5 While not casting.
1 Defense = +0.04% Change to be missed, to be critted, to block, to dodge, and to parry.

At Level 60:
54 INT = 1% Spell Crit Chance
20 AGI = 1% Dodge
20 AGI = 1% Melee Crit chance
5 Block Rating = 1% block
15 Parry Rating = 1% Parry
1.5 Defense Rating = 1 Defense
10 Hit Rating = 1% Chance to hit
14 Melee Crit rating = 1% Melee Crit chance
14 Spell Crit rating = 1% Spell Crit chance

At level 70:
80.05 INT = 1% Spell Crit Chance
25 AGI = 1% Dodge
25 AGI = 1% Melee Crit chance
7.8 Block Rating = 1% Block
18.9 Dodge Rating = 1% Dodge
2.36 Defense Rating = 1 Defense
23.6 Parry Rating = 1% Parry
15.8 Hit Rating = 1% Chance to hit
22.1 Melee Crit Rating = 1% Melee Crit chance
22.1 Spell Crit Rating = 1% Spell Crit chance

4.1.3 What is the Paladin proc per minute system?

"Proc" refers to any effect that has a chance to happen. For example, Seal of Light has a chance to heal you on any weapon hit; if you swing your weapon and the Seal actually does heal you, you say that Seal of Light procced.

The chance for a paladin seal to proc on a weapon swing depends on the speed of the weapon. Slower weapons will have a higher chance to proc the seal on each swing than faster weapons. However, faster weapons will give more swings in the same amount of time, so the overall effect is that you can expect the same number of procs over a one-minute period from any weapon.

As an example, Seal of Command has a chance to proc of about 12% times weapon speed. If you're using a one-hand weapon with a speed of 2.0, each swing has about a 24% chance to proc Command. If you're using a two-hand weapon with a speed of 3.5, each swing has about a 40% chance to proc the seal. Either way, you can expect to see about 7 Command procs per minute on average. (Since the damage done by a Seal of Command proc is based on weapon damage, it pays to use a slow weapon with Seal of Command.)

This does not apply to Judgement of Light or Judgement of Wisdom. Unlike the seals, these judgements have a flat chance to proc on each hit, regardless of weapon speed.

The proc rates for Paladin seals and judgements are:

Seal of Justice: 8 procs per minute
Seal of Command: 7 procs per minute
Seal of Light: 16 procs per minute
Seal of Wisdom: 16 procs per minute
Seal of Vengeance: 20 procs per minute

Judgement of Light: 40% chance per hit
Judgement of Wisdom: 40% chance per hit

Note that each swing has an identical chance to proc a seal, regardless of how many times the seal has procced already. These numbers are not guaranteed; they're just the number of procs you can expect on average.

4.1.4 Why don't anti-undead spells like Exorcism work against undead PC's?

Lore answer: Undead PCs are Forsaken, which are different from regular undead.

Game answer: Because Blizzard says so, that's why.

Full answer: In the Beta test of WoW, Undead PCs were actual undead. This meant that they were vulnerable to all of the Paladin anti-undead abilities as well as the Priest's Shackle Undead spell, but they were immune to abilities that work on humanoids only, such as sap and polymorph. This made it very difficult to balance PvP, because Alliance mages and rogues were substantially weaker against Undead than against the other Horde races, while Priests and Paladins were stronger. In the end, Blizzard decided that it was easier to simply treat Undead PCs as Humanoids.

4.2 Paladin Mods

-A great healing/cleansing mod which shows all of the members in your raid in a sizable rectangle with icons, showing removable debuffs, and indicating who has aggro, who's getting a heal, and much more. More info here.

-A mod for helping with Paladin buffing. This will coordinate your buffs with other Paladins who have the mod.

-Another healing/cleansing mod. It allows heals to be assigned to mouse buttons, and displays a customizable window, allowing you to click and heal players off the window.

Omen Threat Meter(Scroll down to the end to grab the Omen.zip file)
-A mod for displaying threat on the mobs you are fighting, a must for any tank. Requires Ace2 which should be easy enough to find.

4.3 Links

ThelsDeKwant's Defense and Mitigation guide
High Level Tankadin Forum
WoWWiki's Paladin Page
Jame's Alliance Leveling Guide
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Bom, acho que já é um começo. Rs.
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